• Our Projects

    Cause-based projects - We design to satisfy the needs of people, planet and profit

    Visit the Hitchhiker's Guide to the beacosystem web site

    Bluetooth Beacons, proximity and Context technologies

    A book, blog, database of solution providers, case-studies, one day training workshop and shorter speaking engagements

    San Diego International Airport's Good Traveler .org site

    Making travel sustainable

    Developed for San Diego International Airport a unique multi-channel approach that makes buying carbon offsets, convenient, low cost and meaningful

    Consulting services web site

    Statler Consulting LLC

    Consulting on wireless technology, solution development and cause-based marketing.  Advisory board services

    The Give the Change web site

    Democratizing Philanthropy 

    A debit card that makes everything more expensive!  Payments are rounded up to the nearest dollar and  100% of the change goes to any charity that wants to brand a card.

  • About

    Our projects are collaborations with a common ingredient

    Steve Statler


    Checkout LinkedIn for Steve's resume.


    Cause Based Solutions is an approach to doing business where we strive to link the needs of people, profit and the planet. Statler Consulting is a California based LLC. The Good Traveler is a non-profit project and trademark developed for San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem is the name of a book, made up on the spur of the moment in a Starbucks, just north of San Diego.

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    Check-out the web sites for each of our projects, or reach out and start a conversation here